premiered the new music video for Stone Mecca’s “Boogeyman” today, the second single from his latest album Alienman. Written by Gary Graff, the feature article “Stone Mecca Works Against ‘Hypocrisy and Racism’ In ‘Boogeyman’ Video: Premiere” focuses on the social commentary of the video’s subject matter. The concept, created by Stone Mecca and the video’s director Alex Von Kurkendall, not-so-delicately touches on American society’s fear of Black men. Says Stone Mecca,

“Y’know, people look at us and they’re scared of us, there’s fear,” he says. “If you get to know us or get around us, there’s more than what the media’s telling you who we are. Even if people are gangstas, they have a sense of compassion or righteousness.”

Read the full article here and watch the “Boogeyman” video below: